1. What’s your first response/how do you feel when you hear about churches talking about money and giving? Why?

2. What do you think about the idea that giving is a matter of personal integrity, in that discipleship impacts on everything about us? How do you think that could touch on our finances?

3. Giving is grounded in the Kingdom reality that if we honour God first, He will honour us and somehow we are better off for doing it. What do you think about this? What are your thoughts on tithing?

4. GIving is about our relationship with God, but it’s not just about that. Giving is a Communal Responsibility. It was ALL the believers who contributed. What do you think about the idea that those of us who belong to a church have a responsibility to contribute financially to its ministry and mission? 

5. How, if at all, has this message impacted you in regards to your giving? Are there any changes you feel you should make in light of it?

SermonsCaitlin Noble