Overcoming the busyness that creates Emptiness

  1. On a scale of 1-10 how over-scheduled are you? Why is that?

  2. A lot of Jesus’ ministry happened ‘along the way’, and ‘as the were leaving’ . It happened in the gaps, in between. We often don’t pay attention to the in-between moments. Beyond being busy, why might that be? What other reasons might there be to explain why we miss these opportunities?

  3. Over all the voices Jesus hears Bartimaeus shout out. People are “shouting out” all the time for some type of attention. What are some of the ways people can do this?

  4. Jesus heard and stopped. What stops you from hearing and stopping?

  5. We are made for more than making money and being productive. We are called to be a blessing. And it’s in being a blessing we in turn are blessed. What, if any, reservations do you have about this? What are you willing to different going forward?

Sermon by Adrian Jackson
May 12, 2019