Why the Restore?

We believe that God is in the business of making all things new. We believe God created a good world that’s broken right now but he hasn’t given up on it. It’s broken, yes, but it can be repaired. Possibilities exist everywhere because God has come to RESTORE all creation through the work of Jesus. 

We believe every life has value. So whether receiving help or supporting our cause by shopping at The Restore, utilising our food relief program, free counselling, and welcoming space and listening ears are our way of cooperating with God’s plan to restore lives, dignity and this world.

Our History

hard to create a place where people could find care and connection. They provided a listening ear to the Seven Hills community, the beginning of our food relief program, advocacy and opportunities to contribute with their time to a local cause. To date we have over 300 people on our books and continue to provide relief, support and help to those in need.

We came to understand that we were limited by the financial donations we received and realised that a thriving “business has to fund the mission”. A strategy was developed to make this happen that included a lower standardised price for most opshop items, quality about quantity , and creating a warm contemporary space that makes us more of a destination.

Want to join us?

This part's easy.

Shop in the Op Shop
for great recycled clothing - helps us, the planet and your bank balance. 
Donate your quality clothing,
shoes, handbags, accessories, linen, and books & CD’s in our bins at Restore Church or at the store.
Volunteer in the Op Shop
assisting to pack food parcels or on our bin collection run each week. 

We’d love to do more but this takes money and time.

Help us love Seven Hills and be part of seeing restoration come to our neighbourhood.

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