Phase 1

So as part of our plan to connect with and serve our community as well as supplement our finances, we need to get our house up to shape so we are better positioned to do that. We’ll be doing things in several phases.

This first phase is a general clean up, basic repairs and sprucing up of what we currently have. Lunch will be provided! You might be surprised at how much fun this day will be.


List of duties


  • 3 x  people to scrub and clean the playground

  • 1 x to leaf blow the playground area 

Side of Church + Basketball area

  • 5 x people to weed, tidy up, trim, rake and gurney the side of the church and basketball area 

Front Garden

  • 2 x people to trim hedges 

  • 1 x leaf blower

Gurney Crew

  • 3x people to gurney around the exterior of the church 
    (1 gurney will be provided, if you do have one could you please bring it) 

Exterior of Building

  • 5 x to clean the exterior inc. remove cob webs, clean windows, tidy and clean the bbq area, hose and gurney. 

Light Replacements

  • x 2 people to replace the foyer lights and veranda lights that are out 


  • 2 x people to bbq for our volunteers 


  • 2 x People to patch gyprock to prep for painting 


Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

Take a look at the list above and then select your preferred duties.
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We will then assign you to one team on the day.

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