Read your Bible

Have you ever been really lost, without a map or GPS? It is the worst feeling: not knowing where to go or which direction to walk in.  As Christians, we don’t need to feel lost in our lives, we have been given the best GPS there is, the best guidance for our lives. It is the Bible, the Word of God.

The Bible is our instruction manual, it shows us how to live our lives, it gives us examples of others who have walked this life well and it equips us for everything we need to do. It’s practical help for our daily lives, as well as showing us the great future and hope God has for us.


When you read the Bible it gives life! You read by faith and then it goes to work, heals and transforms you from the inside out. As you read the Bible, the truth it contains will set you free, it settles your fears, gives you faith and hope for your daily life. As we read it and do what it says – our lives are transformed.

Now if you have never opened the Bible and this is all new to you – welcome we are so excited to help you begin this incredible journey. As you continue reading we are going to show you some tips and pointers to getting the most out of this incredible book.


How do we read the Bible?

The great thing about the Bible is there are so many different ways you can read it. You can do devotionals, jump in and out or read it in chronological order. But we think a great way to read the Bible is to read it book by book.

The Bible is a collection of 66 books by different authors written across thousands of years. This is the best historical collection of books ever! Spending time to read the Bible does not have to be boring, when you study the Bible book by book it comes alive, it is living and active (Hebrews 4:12). You will fall in love with Jesus as you read the gospels, you will feel the passion of Paul as he talks to the Corinthians, you will be frustrated alongside Moses as he walks the Israelites through the wilderness, you will feel like dancing in your underwear with passion for God with David.

It only takes 10 minutes a day to change your whole life. So today set aside 10 minutes to read your Bible, remember it’s your daily bread so consume it daily!! There is no set time to read the Bible so work out the best time for you, before you get out of bed, or after you drop the kids off at school or on the bus on the way to work. The best thing is that you don’t read the Bible alone, the Holy Spirit will teach you as you read and bring it to your memory when you need it the most (John 14:26).

So, jump in today and read your Bible, the map for your Christian life. Let it light your pathway into the great future that God has for you.


Where to begin?


Did you know that Luke-Acts are two books, one volume? I know in our Bibles we have John in the middle but Luke-Acts are actually meant to be read together. Luke is the story of what Jesus did and Acts is the sequel presenting the history of the Church.



Would you rejoice if you were in prison? In this incredible letter of the New Testament Paul encourages the Philippi church to “Rejoice always” and he is not writing the letter from a beach in the Bahama’s but a prison cell. Read this life changing book that shows us we can have hope no matter what is happening in our world.



Are you feeling a little weary in the battle, do you need a boost, an injection of strength and faith?  You could watch Thor or Wonder Woman but we think the book of Ephesians is even better for you! This book will give you a solid foundation of who you are in Christ and show you how to stand against the devil’s plans, with your armour on, you’ll be ready to claim the victory.



It is time to get loud, to raise our voice in praise, cry out to God in the good and bad times, let’s climb a mountain and start reading Psalms today! This book will put praise back on your lips and a cry towards God in your heart.



The first five books of the Bible are called the Torah and contain our family history. For a Christian, reading Genesis is like studying our Family Tree. It introduces you to the beginning of all time, creation and our founding Fathers and the incredible men and women of faith that began this whole journey.

Need a Bible?

We would be more than happy to provide you with a brand new physical Bible. Come and talk to us at a Sunday gathering and we will give you one for free!

If you want to start reading right away check out the Bible App. It is 100% free and you can access it on any device. There are different translations, tons of reading plans covering a huge range of topics, and audio versions. A must have app for every believer!


Check out our resources page for more recommendations.