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We believe true discipleship starts with personal responsibility. There are 168 hours in the week. One hour is spent in church. So, we want to help you use some of that remaining 167 hours to intentionally devote yourself to things that will help you grow more as a follower of Jesus. 


Bible Apps

(All iOS and Android and available free in respective App stores)

You Version
Available in 50 languages, multiple translations. Get reading plans, devotionals , audio and video selection and a variety of plans to subscribe to. Highlight, notes and share functions.

The Bible in one Year
Daily readings and devotional by the people who brought us Alpha (audio version available)

Read Scripture
A year long Bible reading plan supplemented with amazing videos that explain every book of the Bible, explore major themes of the gospel and tips on how to read the Bible.

Prayer Apps

(All iOS and Android and available fee in respective App Store)

The Pray! app lets you set reminders to notify you of prayer requests. This is a go-to app to set reminders to pray for someone during their surgery, interview, or at any specific time of day. A small banner buzzes at the top of your screen reminding you to lift up others to the throne. This user-friendly application is a must-download.

Prayer Prompter
If you are one to get distracted or lose focus while praying, Prayer Prompter is the application for you. It prompts topics to pray about (worship, adoration, for your spouse, for yourself, etc.). It gives you passage suggestions to read through and pray back to God. All the translations are in NKJV, but you can add your own (a passage that spoke to you, a specific prayer you want to be reminded of).

This app requires you to create an account and gives you an opportunity to pray for people you follow, global requests, or group requests. When a request comes up, you can select “PRAY” to notify that person that you prayed. You can also send them a message of encouragement.

The best feature of this app is the “GROUP” setting. You can create your own private group to share with your small group, church, or family and share prayers and updates instantly. Instapray reminds me of the twitter of prayer; a fun way to connect with brothers and sisters from around the world.

Prayer Notebook
If you’re looking for an app that will help you keep your prayer life organized, then this app will definitely do the trick. The Prayer Notebook app is a well organized, easy to use, and is nicely designed.

Praying God’s Word
This Christian devotional app is the accompaniment to Beth Moore’s bestselling book of the same name.

From the app page: This app includes 30 prayers on the topic of Overcoming Unbelief that accompanies Beth Moore’s best selling book, Praying God’s Word. Every Scripture reference is linked to an online edition of the Holman Christian Standard Bible so you may read the referenced verses in context. You can save favourites, email prayers, and tweet or post to Twitter and Facebook.

Track your Growth (Discipleship Dashboard)

Don't Leave Discipleship To Chance

We know that when it comes to discipleship, all of us can be doing better. But, with busy schedules and the ever-increasing demands of life, we often settle for good enough.

We believe that a healthy disciple is someone who is constantly growing to become more like Christ. The problem is there isn't a great way to measure how we are growing and see what we need help with.

With this simple, easy to use programme, you can measure spiritual health, identify trends, and recognize areas that need improvement. There's no more guesswork. You get a full picture of how you are tracking in your own discipleship journey and can implement changes necessary for greater growth.

If you’d like to sign up to this incredibly helpful tool, email and we’ll email you back to get you started. 


(iOS and Android all free to subscribe to on your respective podcast app)

You can now hear great teaching from the best at the click of a button. Maybe you have you’re favourites or maybe you want to get a little adventurous and expand your circle of influence. We would like to offer up some bits and pieces we have found helpful and think you might want to try. 

No obligation.


This stuff is certainly not all there is and we don't always agree with everything found in these resources. Nor do these resources represent the views and beliefs of Restore Church. But we think they are worth a try.

Good Preaching Teaching

Erwin McManus

Tim Keller

Passion Podcast / Louie Giglio

Word of Life Podcast

Your Move with Andy Stanley

Bethel Church - Bill Johnson

Understanding the Bible
(I mean really trying to understand it)

The Bible for Normal People - Dr Pete Enns and Jared Byas

Science & Faith
(they're not incompatible)

Ask Science Mike

Good Theology

The N. T Wright Podcast

N. T Wright Lecture Series

Risky Business
(a little bit different) 

The Robcast -Rob Bell

For the Love with Jen Hatmaker Podcast

Homilies by Richard Rohr (wonderful insight from a Franciscan priest)