Share your testimony

Your story matters! Whether you’re a new Christian or a seasoned Bible scholar, your personal story of becoming a Christian is one of the most powerful ways to share your faith. People love a good story and we are here to help you share yours!

Below is a video that can help you prepare your story so you are ready for any opportunity that comes your way.


Be ready

Now go and prepare your testimony. Write it down and actually practice saying it. We recommend having a short version (2-3mins) and a long version (10-15mins). Be bold and seize an opportunity when it comes your way. Wether it’s catching up with friend or sharing in front of a group, your story can have a significant impact in advancing God’s kingdom.

We also want to hear your stories and celebrate with you! It could be your story of deciding to follow Jesus, or simply a story of something God has done in your life this week. We would love to hear about it.