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Service times, directions, and what to expect on your first visit to Restore.

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Helping make your first time easier

Going to a new church for the first time can be a little nerve racking, even for people who go to church all the time. We hope this makes your first visit a little easier so you can relax and really enjoy your time with us.

You'll notice we call our Sundays 'Gatherings'. That's because we don't go to church, we are the church and Sundays are when we, the church, gather together.

What can I expect?

How long is a Restore gathering?

In total, a Restore Church service is about 75 minutes in length. Gatherings begin with the Restore Church worship team leading us in worship. After the worship element we welcome everybody, briefly run through some updates, maybe hear a quick story from someone and then send the Kids out to our Kids' Church (we also have a parents' room where parents can take smaller children if required). Once the kids have left and parents are settled we have a teaching time which runs for about 30 minutes. After the Gathering parents can pick up their kids and then hang around for some seriously good coffee and conversation.

What time is the Gathering?

10am - every Sunday.

What’s the culture like at Restore Church?

Sundays at Restore are exciting, casual, and relaxed. Come as you are and expect to feel welcomed as our guest.

What about my kids?

We believe that kids should have a blast at church every single week - and at Restore Kids we make this a priority. The other thing we make a priority is your children’s safety. Because of that, we have a detailed check-in process for our Restore Kids program the first time that you visit. You’ll want to leave yourself an extra ten minutes to get signed in for the Restore Kids experience. Once you've done the initial sign-in you can do all future sign-ins through our Kidsmin App and save time.

Restore Kids is offered at every Gathering for kids ages infant through Grade 8.

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Every Sunday, 10am

47 Britannia Rd, Castle Hill

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